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What needs to be considered while designing a website?

When it comes to a business, a website is not a mere identity on the internet but the representation of a business. The design of a website plays an important role here; it can either make a profitable business or bring down your reputation in no time. The thoughts of Darryl Stevens, CEO of digiTech, vividly explains this,

Web design must be viewed through the lens of your entire business, or it will fall flat.”

We had a detailed discussion with the Head of our Design Department, Farzeen Baig, about the things she considers while designing a website, what needs to be more in focus and highlighted and what portraits a good impression on the visitors. Her mantra goes like this:

“Design won’t save the world, but it damn sure makes it look good.”

She said that there is a huge responsibility on the designer to come up with the best website design that is not only good to look at, but also ensures optimal user experience i.e., the site structure should be clean and logical with all the sub-categories or subpages directly linking from the homepage. This site structure makes navigation through the website easier. In addition, it provides ease for the Google Crawlers to index your website properly. Thus, this helps to increase the overall SEO structure of your website. A good design, in turn, makes the website into a profitable business.

Another important factor she highlighted was the mobile responsiveness that web designers must consider while designing a website. If we take a look at the statistics of last year, we would come to know that approximately 57% of the website traffic is from mobile phones and the era of mobile is here to stay. A well-ranked UX website is the one that adjusts accordingly on the small screen devices. There are even tools to test your websites’ responsiveness.

It’s crucial to remember, keywords play a vital role in your website’s SEO. And the best practice for this is to adjust them in the heading tags; that visitors use to search when looking for the information of a website. Farzeen mentioned that prior to the design process, web designers prefer to be aware of what a business is about, what the client priorities are, what things need to be focused and highlighted in terms of content, because well-organized content of the website helps to build customer trust towards the business and overall affects the market position.

She concluded, good web design should leave a good and positive impact on the visitors. It should help to build customer trust with the brand/business and indulge the audience instead of increasing the bounce rate. The crux of the matter being, keep them coming back! 😀


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