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Apple; A 2 Trillion $ Tech mammoth

Doubling market value in a mere strand of 21 weeks isn’t the real achievement. Doing so in the times of crashing economies and right in the middle of a pandemic is what really counts. Apple reported a $2
Trillion value on the 19th August 2020, and that too with over a million active Corona cases worldwide.
The first Trillion was achieved after long 42 years post-formation of the company whereas it peaked to double in the past 21 weeks. The journey from Apple Computer 1 to iPhone 11 pro-Max has quite some highs and lows. The first to become a trillion-dollar company and now the first to surpass 2 trillion, Apple is looking promising to the investors in a time where there’s literally nowhere to invest in the shrinking economy.
The share price topped $467.77 to attain the 2 million market cap, some selected tech mammoths are doing great in contrast to the struggling economy. The big tech investment boosted as a result of the pandemic shrinking the potential in the alternate industries. Back on July 31st , Apple became the most valued public company on the planet when it topped Saudi Aramco. Apple has started working on its subscription revenue model and is looking to attain a more recurring revenue. Tim Cook here is looking to make the iPhone affordable as Tech giants keep asking exuberant amounts. This will boost the market valuation without the need to depend on the successful launch of a new phone.
The trend of the latest iPhones has been so successful that the tech giant still claims to grow disproportionately in the last quarter of 2020. Apple is further looking to offer interest-free credit card subscriptions for the purchase of the latest and greatest iPhone.
To understand the trajectory of Apple towards a 2 trillion milestone, we have to have a look at the previous milestones of Apple. It is looking to diversify its product range from Apple watches to Apple TV to be able to surpass its own previous records. When Tim Cook came to the Apple Throne, he was questioned to be a replacement of the visionary Steve Jobs. It turned out that Cook not only proved to be an exemplary leader but also the upward trend of the company ever since indicated that he is also a great entrepreneur.
Apple mainly relies on product development to achieve its targets of a greater market share and growth.
The race to buy the best in the market and that too with an Apple logo is why the newest devices become obsolete in a matter of months and the tech industry moves onto offer the latest and greatest iPhone. Luca Maestri, Financial head for Apple claimed on 30th July, “We think we’ve got the best pipeline of products and services that we’ve ever had”. The head explained that this is the focus area and the rest of the financial indicators will follow. The most impressive part of the deal is that the virus meant people could afford less, the borders were closed, and economies were crashing yet if Apple broke all its records then the revenues can only be expected to skyrocket right after the pandemic.
The upcoming Four-to-one stock split plan by Apple is going to give the general public more accessibility of Apple’s shares that means the future is even better financially. The sole news of reaching the milestone will exponentially grow the market value for Apple as it can be seen in the previous years that once it achieved 1 trillion dollars the same happened. It will gain a further boost as more and more investors will look to invest for a longer run. This short-run boost in finances will also improve Apple’s share price as well as make Apple a notable share in the portfolio of investors.
If we look at the graph for the market valuation of Apple since its IPOs, it is evident that since 2005 the company has been growing at a pace that indicates the Tech Revolution to be here. The steep climbing graphs are unlike any other and this growth is unbelievable. Apple is a growing firm in a growing industry so it is safe to say, “Sky is the limit”.

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